We want to keep our teddy bears at their best, but not all of us are quite sure what to do.
However, we can take care of your own little friends by making sure your just following a few simple rules.

The first thing we would say is "keep away from pets".
We are sure we don't have to say much more about that! If it happens that your new puppy gets hold of your bear and tears off ears, nose, arms or legs make sure to keep all parts, we might be able to stitch them back together. If that happens find your way to our Teddy Bear Hospital page.

Its always important to try and establish what material your bear is made of. This will indicate on how to wash, what temperature etc. So try to leave labels on if you possibly can or keep them save. Collectors of the famous Teddy Bears will know never to take a Button from the ear, as it will straightaway decrease the teddy bears value.

For New Born you should always make sure that teddy bears and comforters are machine washable. What we would also advise is to have a backup teddy bear and comforter for your child. Babies get so attached, that it can cause a lot of crying for parents and children if they have to be separated. A second comforter, in the same material, can always be used to partly repair the first, much loved comforter.