We all have memories. Some people record memories back to their childhood when they were just 2 years of age. Do you remember your grandparents, your first holiday, your first day in school, your first kiss?
Do you know that baby’s memories increase after their first year? A baby at three months old can remember pictures or toys shown to them six days previously.
We can trigger our memories with our senses. Smell, touch, sound, sights and taste.
Memories can make you smile, make you feel comfortable and nostalgic but memories can also make you sad and frustrated.
Have a look at our Baby Comforters which can be used from birth to make baby feel safe. At the same time you will start your baby’s memorie journey.
We aspire to create great, positive memories. Memories that inspire us to feel happier and do good and great things in life.
A person who has lived a long life, has a life time of treasured memories. I love to listen to other people’s experience. I find it fascinated and I think if we listen carefully we can learn so much.